Wednesday, November 2

but first, halloween!


before i get into where the eff i've been and why living my life is more important than documenting it, i'm going to share our halloween!

i get so excited about halloween every freakin' year. scary movies, decorations, haunted houses, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, crunchy leaves, and obviously halloween day/night! i had to beg drey to stay out and trick-or-treat! he was like all into going home, digging through the candy he already had, playing in his costume.. and i'm like the crazy mom who is like NO WE NEED MOOOORE! IT'S NOT EVEN 9PM YET!

so yea.

as a family, we dressed up as obi-wan, yoda, rey and young anakin. this is the first year we've dressed up as a family theme and it was so fun! my mother-in-law wanted to kill me because i made her make my costume and there was one piece she kept struggling with and that piece has her sweat, blood and tears all over it. whatta sport, right.

it's pretty chilly here in utah when the sun starts going down, so we had eisley in her stroller wrapped up most of the time. but towards the end of the night we let her out and she was pumped! running everywhere, laughing, screaming with all the kids.. she loved it. i snapped a few pics of it but she would. not. stop. moving. so the pics are a little blurry. but so freakin' cute. love her. and her dripping snotty nose.

anyone else love halloween as much as meeee?

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  1. You guys are too cute! I love the family themed costumes!