Sunday, September 4

and then the rest of the party.

after show casing my #martha skills here and making y'all tell me how awesome i am, i decided to post the rest of the party. the reason the party was even a thing.. the chillens. 

dreys cake and the cupcakes on eisleys side were the 'everybody' cakes. little miss had her very own cake to dive into. the cutest thing in the whole world is watching a baby munch on cake for the first time. ooooh my gosh. is that a job? like i need my job to be to just party hop and watch kids eat cake, it's freakin' adorable. 

eisley had a '1' balloon like her brother had '6' and i had a really fun idea in my head for a photo-op. but then someone (not me.. def. not. me.) thought it would be okay to hand it to her.. and she let it go. soooo no more giant '1' balloon that is way over priced. thanks, zurcher's. 

thank you to all my family who came and helped celebrate my babies! we had so much fun and we love you so much. until next year!

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  1. You're welcome! Hahaha love those pics! You must have had an excellent photographer!