Wednesday, August 3

the baby is o n e

i remember so clearly, this exact time last year. arriving at the hospital, ready to snuggle our second born baby! tyler had just gotten in from japan a couple days before and was high on the time change, getting another child and american food. it'd been 5 years since i'd given birth so i was like the annoying "first time" mom asking all the questions i had forgotten the answers to. we had the best nurses though. thee. best. 

once things started rolling (iv, contractions, epidural, dilating.. ), i was so nervous it wasn't going to go as smoothly as last time. i was so wrong. 

the perfect delivery. 9lbs, 20" and the best scream you've ever heard.

perfection. straight from heaven. 

and now she's ONE. dreydan has been saying to me all morning, "mom i can't believe she's one already!" i'm like RIGHT! he gets it. and if there is anyone that loves that little girl more than tyler and i, it's him. he is in love with her and loves everything she does.

and she loves him right back.

about little miss:

|| she's got tantrums like no other. dreydan never had tantrums like this so we just stare at her when they're happening and aren't quite sure what to do with our hands. and then it's over and she's like la la la nothing is wrong.

|| she loves being told how pretty she is. put a bow on her and tell her it's so pretty and she walks around like she is the queen of the world. put a bracelet on her and tell her she's so pretty, oh man. her little gummy smile is beaming. one time i put a bow in her hair and told her she was sooo pretty. she then walked into drey's room and stood there until he told her how pretty her bow was. omg the monster we've created!

|| she loves baby dolls. she will cradle them and carry them around and love on them.. 

|| she also loves eating. she has a few no's and that's banana's, mashed potatoes (how is she my child?), and eggs. so far that's all we've discovered that she won't eat. get it girl!

|| her brother is her best friend. she loves playing with him, watching cartoons with him, having him read to her.. anything. if he's not in the backseat with her in the car and she's alone, she's pissed. she needs her brother!

|| she hates sleeping alone. another monster we've created.. but i blame this on tyler. he would always nap with her and it's slowly progressed into she won't sleep unless someone is with her. i hate it, but at the same time, i love it. 

|| and she's as fiesty as they come. try taking something that she's holding.. just do it. see what happens.

we love you so much, eisley!

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  1. These pictures are beyond precious! Happy birthday, little one!

    1. thank you so much! we sure do love her. xo

  2. Happy first sweet girl! Gah, she's precious!