Friday, July 29

road trips with nebraska

so this year for the week of the 4th and some, we decided it would be fun to road trip to nebraska to visit my sis and her family. we live in utah so the drive from slc to omaha is about 13ish hours. not too bad. we left on a friday after ty got home from work and drove straight through the night, arriving saturday morning.
it was so fun to hang out for a little over a week with my sis. she's lived in alabama for a while so it's kinda nice that she's getting closer to utah. not to mention, our boys are head over heels for each other! they didn't stop playing or talking the entire time.
and i'm not sure if you know this, but nebraska is home to arbor day farms! haha okay no, you didn't know that. aaaaand that's about all nebraksa is known for! oh and UNL and i guess the corn fields. you're welcome. oh and do you think it's humid there? cause it is. like a mother! shoot.
so we visited arbor day farms, i drove by many many many cornfields, visited a catholic shrine, shopped at an aldi's, went to a safari - so fun!, parked it with the babies a few times, splash pad, and went to iowa (cause omaha is literally on the border) for some lewis and clark history sites. booom. 
where my teen mom fans at? while in iowa, council bluffs to be exact, i took it upon myself to track down farrah's parents house.. it's harder than you think but i was a stalker in a previous life so it was like slicing buttah.. and then made my sister drive me to it. guys. they lived in a neighborhood on the national historic registry! so next time you hear her talk about her "redneck town in iowa" remember me telling you that that shit was anything but redneck. that town is uuuhhmazing. wherever she is now, they can have her. council bluffs and their historic, upscale neighborhoods are too classy for her.
on the way home to utah, we stopped and visited the UNL football stadium. drey begged me for 3 days to see it. and then we stopped in wyoming and toured an old prison. woot! one of my favorite things about road trips is not only the destination, but the stuff along the way. i love love love our country and the history it holds just waiting for us to learn. one day we'll make it to DC, huh honey! political history mmm droooling! can't wait.

anyone ever been to nebraska? live or lived there?
do you love road trips or prefer to fly?
raise your hand if you're jealous of my teen mom moment?

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  1. I love all these pictures! The kids are so cute.

    1. thank you! all from an iphone, can you believe it? haha. we had so much fun. xo!