Sunday, August 28

split theme parties are no joke.

so earlier this month, tyler and i celebrated our babes birthdays in a split party. eisleys was born august 3 and drey was born on the 17. we were going to be at lake powell for our family vaycay during dreys birthday so i thought let's just do both at once! that way when we get home, we can be done and not have to worry about another party. we can focus strictly on back to school.

we can do a split theme! it will be so fun! pfff.

i probably lost 18 years of my life, lost my shit like 9 times in 3 days, and suffered 3rd degree burns from the freakin' hot glue gun gluing flower crowns together that i just had to have.

tyler was so happy when it was all over with haha. i was constantly mumbling to myself, staying up late every night cutting out these, gluing that, chugging redbulls like water, and needing to go to the dollar store just one. more. time. 

so the split theme was star wars vs woodland fairy/fairy/butterfly something or other. idk but it was very girly haha. i made flower crowns and pixie wands for the girls. then jedi swords and jedi vests for the boys. my mother-in-law helped with the sewing.. thank god.

we had cupcakes (i made the toppers because i couldn't find any that i loved.. #martha) crepes with pudding, fruit and whipped cream on the girl side. star wars side had hotdogs, chips and fruit kabobs.

for the drinks we had water and fresh raspberry limeade. boom.

tylers sister has always done the cakes. she's so good with making what i want and getting whatever drey has in his head right. disclaimer: she was not happy with dreys cake this year. she had a lot going on and then once we got it outside it started melting. no judgers, kay!

i'll post the rest of the party lata!

but seriously, you guys proud of me?

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  1. OH my goodness, Use the Forks Luke, Hilarious! Love that you did a split party! Super cute and those fairy cake toppers, those flowers, super cute! Awesome job! My husband lovely refers to the time before a party, Party Week...he just expects me to freak out and be a monster the week leading up to the party. This year, he's out of town that week, so he's pretty happy that he'll miss "party week"

  2. Wow. #martha is right! I'm not sure I would have attempted one of these parties, let alone both of them at the same time. haha

    1. right!? i'm out of control and i can't be stopped.