Saturday, July 23

gertrude the lucky flamingo.

oh my have these last couple of months been busy! i know i say that every time i come back to blog and it's so annoying because every blogger who comes back from a hiatus says that and how annoying it is... and they also address how annoying it is all bloggers do it and guys lemme tell ya.. it's annoying. 

so as most of you know (maybe.. i don't really know what ya'll know anymore, but if you follow me on insta theeen) my mom is deep into her 3rd deployment. yea third. she's a freakin' badass and that's all there is to it. 

but she has a secret. and that secret comes in the form of plastic. and she's a real beauty. at least she used to be.. she's lost an eye, her pink fluthers are fading, and she has lost both of her legs. i mean, she's been to w a r all 3 times with my mom. but she's the good luck charm that every soldier needs. 

she's earned her stripes. and who says drawn on stripes and ones presented to you "officially" have any different meaning? pffft! buncha hokey if you ask gertrude. 

now all she needs to do is get my mama and her pink bum home safely! which she will caaaause she's no slacker. her good luck magic isn't handed to her on a silver platter. and neither is our freedom. thank a soldier!

anyone have any loved ones deployed right now? or ever?
did they have good luck charms?
do you have good luck charms?

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