Tuesday, July 21

adding a sidebar border between gadgets

there are lots of ways you can customize your sidebar in blogger. for this tutorial, i'm just going to show you how to add a simple sidebar border between your gadgets, kind of like the one i have on mine. you'll be able to customize it a little bit to your liking, but there is no image designing involved, just coding.

so go to your blogger template >> customize >> advanced >> add css

copy the code below, paste it into you css text area, and hit enter..

from here, you can play with the coding a little bit and find what you like!

+ the 2px will change the sizing of your border.
+ you can change the word dotted to either dashed or solid or double, depending on your preference.
+ you can also change the color! the #000000 is the number for black. if you want something other than that, go here and find a color number to input.

don't forget to APPLY TO BLOG once you're done. and that's it!

like i said before, there are a lot of ways to customize your sidebar. if you need help with any of that information or have questions about anything, just shoot me an email! or you can look into my pricing page for custom work.

hope this helps.

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