Sunday, September 13

what's making my life good right now.

one. the newest member of our family, baby girl. she is scrumptious, so yummy, and to freaking die for. i love her. 

two. peanut butter honey toast. i eat way too much of it and i don't even care.

three. halloween decorations. drey and i decorated our home a few days ago because we're awesome like that. he was noticing all the stuff in stores and he said "MOM WE HAFTA DO THIS TODAY!" i was like owww okay twisted my arm! he also talked me into bringing home halloween oreos. boom.

four. ordering my dr. pepper with extra ice in a foam cup! from mcdonalds. you have no idea.. i just can't explain the joy.. the high.. the everything that drinking out of a foam cup brings me. my whole entire DP world has changed. haaaaaaaaalelujah!

five. this guy. 

six. ancient aliens (i really need to meet an ancient astronaut theorist) , mike & molly (for life), don't be tardy (my favorite ex housewife and also, marry me kroy), teen mom 2 (javi is smaller than kail and it weirds me out), real housewives of orange county (there is a new girl who i hate and i can't wait until something bad happens to her), candidly nicole (what drugs in your younger years will do to your adult life), below deck (loooove!) , ghost adventures (did you see that orb?! yes i did!), gypsy sisters, (bitches. be. cray. give me more!) and season premiere tonight sister wives! #trashtvforlife

seven. thanksgiving point dino museum. if we're missing and you can't find us, we're probably there.

eight. dreydan proclaiming it's "just because i love you" day and making me random gifts. one of them was a penny wrapped in toilet paper and he said now you can buy me something! haha thanks.

nine. my 'happy birthday cake' candle. cause it smells like i'm doing something productive, but really i'm not. 

what's making your life good right now?

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  1. I am hooking on below deck too. So good. It is never too early to decorate for Halloween!! Haha Because I love you, buy me something. Oh Drey. Too cute! Congrats again on the newest addition.

  2. Congratulations on a little baby adorable gift! Wishing you all the happiness and joy!

  3. I wanna see pics of little Miss!!!!!
    Peanut butter honey toast?! That sounds delicious! YOU ARE A PIONEER IN THE KITCHEN!!!!
    "Just Because I Love You" day... omg... how stinking cute!!!! lololol :)

  4. Love this! And a fountain drink out of a foam cup is the ONLY way to go!

  5. Dreydan just melts my heart! He is so cute! And I couldn't agree more about the foam cups. They just make life so much better :)