Tuesday, July 14

it's the little things // snuggling a chicken

dreydan is obsessed with the chickens, roosters and ducks that run around at his grandparents house. some will follow him around, let him get close and even let him pick them up. others.. not so much. like one of the roosters. he's kind of an asshole. anyways, the other day he was chicken whispering and he picked one up he had never held before (so he says. i can't keep track, they all look the same to me). he was soooo excited haha. he specifically told me to take pictures of it and send it to his aunts and uncles (random selection of people too btw, it's normally send this to my dad! whatever). but i mean, look at his little grin.. i just love it. 

Sadie Sky Boutique

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  1. Aww he looks so happy he caught it. They are slippery little suckers so that is something to be proud of for sure!

  2. Absolutely precious!! Mason is the same way at my in-laws...he loves to hold them all.