Friday, May 8

my favorites right now // pinterest edish

i'm starting to get excited for a little miss & i'm blowing up pinterest with everything girl. 
fabric mobile via

i love sweet and simple prints like these. and this shop is on point.. i love so much.
print via 

succulents in a pineapple vase. like, seriously? 'nuff said.

thiiiiis rug. it's currently sold out but i couldn't afford it anyways. so i repin like every other day to make up for that.
rug via 

infused water. now that the warm weather is rolling back around, i crave it so much.
water via

what are you crushin' on right now?
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  1. the succulents in the pineapple vases are adorable.

  2. The mobile is so pretty. Infused water is so good especially now when it's so hot here.

  3. I love the mobile and the pineapple vases! So cute!!

  4. I've been enjoying some citrus-infused water this week myself - so refreshing!