Thursday, May 7

getting rid of the space between your post title & date

by default, pretty much all the blogger templates have this huge giant space between the post title and the date. a few weeks ago one of my friends was like em.. why is my date so far away from my title and can it be fixed?!  and then just a couple days ago i was asked about the space again by another blogger. haha the things bloggers stress about, right? anyways, yes! it can be fixed. everything can be fixed with a little coding guys.

so! copy this code below:

go to your blog template >> customize >> advanced >> add css 

paste that code into your css and hit enter

you'll see that space immediately disappear. you can change the -25px number to your liking. mess with it and see what you like most. i think mine is -23..? once you've got that perfect space, hit APPLY TO BLOG and you're dooooone. yay!

i hope this is helpful! i've got more tutorials here to help with your design process or you can check out my pricing page for other options and custom work!

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