Monday, May 4

mother's day inspo - keeping it awesome

i feel like every year i struggle with what to get/do for my mom on mother's day. you want her to feel special, loved, appreciated, needed. . . all in one. but i've realized i don't need to do it in a let's cry together because this is so sentimental way. she knows i love her more than anything.. i think. i hope she does. hi mom!

so this year (mom cover your ears!), why not keep it simple with some perfect, humorous (because i'm hilarious) gifts she can keep forever. or hang up in her office. or smile at when she's making tea and pulls down her new favorite mug. and seriously, a succulent goes with everything. who doesn't love a succulent? just give someone a succulent for no reason and they will remember & love you forever. swear it.

keep it awesome for mother's day this year.

you're welcome. 

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  1. OMG! The favorite child mug I got my Dad for Christmas! Haha! He loved it. Totally works for Mom's too.