Wednesday, April 1

i don't like sharing my donuts.

us moms, we're all the same. we all want just a little alone time while we pee, a little quiet for 5 minutes at least once a week, and obviously to never share our treats. i don't think that's too much to ask for, right? right?!

i don't like diet coke. i've never thought it tasted good & there's nothing about it that i enjoy. except.. when it's someone else's. i'm always drinking out of my moms can or freshly poured fountain cup because it's just so yummy! and she's always saying get your own! thinking about having my own diet coke, though? ew. okay where did i set down my dr. pepper...?

now that i have a little weasel of my own taking everything that's just for me, i understand. i can't eat anything that i want to hoard for myself in front of my son. his little grimy hands come out of nowhere! he steals all of my treats. right in front of my face.

i don't like sharing my sprinkle donuts. or my chocolate peanut butter cupcakes. or my mint chocolate chip ice cream cone.

but i'm a mom and i have to. it's called sacrifice. look it up, it's in the thing.

unless i'm hiding in a closet, locking myself in my car, kneeling down in the corner of the kitchen and shoving an entire cupcake in mouth, i have to share. and i'm not okay with that. when we're out and about & i say hey drey, want a treat? and he picks out his treat, i pick out my treat. but once we're home, his treat isn't good enough for him anymore and he wants mine. all of it. all of the sudden it's his treat and i can't even get a bite. and i don't want to trade because his treat is something weird and somehow he's already managed to get dirt all over it. and that is a real mom struggle.

sometimes though, sometimes! i get lucky.

do you think i enjoy eating my delicious donut on the floor next to the washer? or late at night when i've already brushed my teeth and i know nobody can hear me opening the package? or in a room that i think is empty and then i hear running of little feet and shouting MOM WHAT ARE YOU EATING?! and then i have to extend my leg out straight to stop him from reaching up and snagging my special treat that i'd been hoarding for hours. no, but.. yea. i didn't have to share, holler.

and don't even get me started on alone time. there is no such thing when you're a stay at home mom. i've talked all about that in a post here. and i mean, it's fine. i'd much rather skip out on alone time than have to share my treats. amiright?

but in the end, i share. actually it's more like worse case scenario when i'm found hiding then i have to share. and that's okay. i guess....

and yes, sometimes when the crumbs are big enough, i eat those off the floor as my 4yr old is tearing apart my giant frosted sugar cookie he took from me. i've got no shame, people. #thuglife

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  1. "And somehow he's managed to get dirt on it already" Hahaha. I love this! Thanks so much for joining in with Mamas Tell All :)

  2. Bahaha I was laughing through this whole thing! thanks for linking up with us. so much yes to all of this. #thuglife for sure! haha

  3. First, this is amazing! My little gets to pick out treats too and they always want what Mommy has but if you give him the option of getting the same treat he has a total meltdown! Second, thank you so much for linking up for Mamas Tell All - I can't wait to see what you'll share in coming weeks. Have a great week Mama!

  4. I think this gives you an excuse to get two of yours and one of his so when he grabs yours you still have one. Haha!

  5. Lolololol hilarious! This describes my life to a T! I don't think I can even come up with a comment clever enough to top it. It's to a T! :)

    1. Haha yes! I knew I wasn't alone. When I said "us moms" I totally meant it haha. We have to stick together! Thanks so much for reading! xo

  6. my dude can have anything he wants! and yea, why don't you just get an extra? first world problems... love you. miss you muuuchhhhoooosssss

  7. sometimes i do get extras, okayyyy. but i don't always think about it because i'm dumb. stop judging me.

    love you too.