Saturday, March 28

kobe oji zoo. again.

drey & i have been to this zoo a handful of times, but tyler had never been able to come with us. one warm afternoon we decided to go so drey could drag him around and show him everything. we had actually attempted to go the week before, but when we got there it was closed. turns out, every wednesday it's closed and it just happened to wednesday. what kind of crap is that, right? in america, the south does weird hours like that. shops and restaurants are randomly closed in the middle of the week for no reason. so odd.

anyways. the zoo was a blast. the air was as warm as it has been since we've been here, which i loved so much. all the animals were so active & alert and that made it exciting. except the koalas and the kangaroo's. they didn't care how many people were staring at them. as far as they were concerned, we could all go kill ourselves.

oh my gosh and the little monkeys! they were the cutest little things i've ever seen. so cute, we had to become their best friends. there was a railing, making a small gap, separating the people from getting too close to the cage. well they wanted to play so we put drey over the railing so he could get closer and they were reaching their little arms out trying to touch him. turns out, they wanted what drey had in his hand, which was a rock. so they kifed the rock and climbed away. we eased them back with little mini pretzels (that they probably aren't supposed to eat, so don't tell the japanese zoo what we did..). but it was so cute! we got to, without permission, pet and play with the japanese monkeys! haha

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  1. Koala's be laying down straight pimpin'!! I kinda want a mario Kart car. Looks like it was a good day.

  2. Love the pictures! I would love to visit Japan one time.

    New follower from the blog hop.

    1. It's incredible! If you ever get the chance, do it! Thanks so much for following :)) xo