Saturday, March 21

sometimes {japanese edition}

sometimes we walk around the train station while i'm in tourist mode.
sometimes it just feels good to be stared at with a look of wtf? from locals.
and sometimes, you just need to munch on mister donuts during all of it.

happy saturday.

 photo EmilySignature_zps0043f664.png


  1. keep the pics coming! donuts look delicious. and just what exactly is in tylers backpack!!!

    1. Oh treats, sweaters and random stuff. I mostly make him carry it around so I have something to put my camera in when I'm not using it :-)

  2. What is with the face masks? Is that common over there? End of world freak out. Sometimes you just have to eat the donut! ;)

  3. haha! I just adore seeing your Japan pictures! And I was totally going to ask about the face masks, too! What's up with that?