Friday, March 20

20 weeks

most moms would be like i can't believe i'm half way there! and they'd probably mean it. because seriously, the first 30 weeks of dreydan's pregnancy flew by for me! but this one... i've been to hell and back to get to 20 weeks. i hate to be "that lady" who complains about being pregnant, so i won't. but i will say that the first 3.5 months this time around sucked. i literally laid in bed & puked. i showered maybe once a week & my teeth were brushed prob every other night. i know, so disgusting. but that was my life, people! this second time around was a trap i tell you.

i'm feeling much better now. aside from the heartburn that shows up every single night as soon as i lay down in bed, i'm great! baby girl is growing so fast in there. i'm starting to feel her move more everyday & i love it. that feeling of a baby rolling around inside your belly is something every girl deserves to experience at least once. you just can't explain it, it's so perfect.

i always want to be eating something, i'm seriously never not hungry. we had pizza the other night & i ate 5 pieces. f i v e. i can just picture myself eating when i think nobody is watching me - breathing heavy, chewing with my mouth open, not making eye contact with anybody, wiping my hands on my shirt, stealing food from my 4yr olds plate.. can you see it? jabba the hutt. that's me. chowing down like i'm not going to get fed for another 3 hours.

i've had a handful of people ask me is it hard to be in japan and not be able to nest?! right now, no. i'm not quite there yet. i've done some online shopping for the little miss, but i'm not in 'nesting' mode yet. once i am, everyone will know it and they'll want to kill me. baby everything! but i'm still sleeping in, embracing my hefty belly like it's just those 5 pieces of pizza that won't digest, & loving alone time with homeboy while he's still an only child.

half way there, guys. 20 more weeks and i'm going to have a little girl. whaaat?


  1. You are looking awesome girl! I have those same PJ's too. Sorry this time around was much less pleasant. Hopefully you can now sit back and enjoy the extra grub! ;)

  2. You're adorable! Bring that belly home,i'll help you nest. Love you!

  3. I'm glad you're starting to feel a little better! You LOOK great!!! (Was this after your once weekly shower?)

  4. Oh man! I am sorry this pregnancy has made you so sick! I know it’s just an old wives tell, but I’ve heard girls make you more sick than boys. Not that that helps or anything. But girlfriend, pregnancy looks so great on you! Your belly is adorable. And I am glad that you’re starting to feel better.