Wednesday, February 4

drey's birthDAY.

the day after drey's party, we decided to take him somewhere fun where he could run and explore and be around animals that he loves. just be outside and be a boy. so we took him to Wheeler Farm. it's an historic farm here in utah with animals, old buildings, wagon rides, you can milk cows, have picnics, they've got summer camps etc.. it's just a fun place to be. i loved going when i was little, so i loved taking drey for the first time. and coincidentally, they had a farmer's market going on that weekend & i was S T O K E D. i live in a little teeny town in the mountains where they don't have farmer's markets too often.. so when i go "up north" to the city, i get excited about small things haha.

we walked around the market for a bit, snagging samples, buying treats, pineapple slushies, stopping at the bouncy houses, stick fighting... and then we made our way over to the farm. the boys ran around, climbed everything, fed some duckies, traumatized a couple bunnies, & pet every animal available. i was drowning Drey in water all day & he sweat it out faster than it would go in. he loved his life.

my in-laws met us there and hung out with us all day because we were leaving for japan in like 2 days. so we had a posse with us all weekend getting their drey & em time in.. we're so lucky to have family who loves us so much.

i loved this day. mostly because it was dedicated to my boo. it was the day of his birth & i can't believe what an amazing little person he's turned into. i love him so much it hurts. i look forward to every single one of his birthdays, but i dread them all at once, too. time is a real bitch, you guys. 

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  1. Oh my word I want to comment on the rooster but I am trying to be good. Haha! Being outdoors is like heaven for boys. Glad he had fun!