Monday, February 9

another bebe.

Yuuup.. baby Osborne #2 is coming in August!

We are thrilled and Dreydan wants to jump inside my stomach and hang out with him/her until it's time. We told him when we first found out & I can't even describe his reaction. It was a mix of excited, being shy & telling us how he'll be the best big brother. He really will, too. He's seriously the best. AND he's a boss when it comes to keeping a secret! He didn't tell a soul until we told him it was safe, which was like 3 days ago when we broke the news to family. Not sure if that's going to be a good thing or bad later in life... haha.

So the top questions asked by family were:
1- "wait? august?! how will you celebrate separate birthdays!?" (cause you know, drey was born aug 17 and all) I don't know. But I'll tell you what, I'm going to get damn good at it (any advice is welcome by the way ha).
2- "okay so what's going to happen to japan?" We are still leaving for Japan in March with Ty. The end of May, Drey & I will hop ship and come home. 
3- "so you aren't going to give birth in japan?" Fk no. I need my epidural.
4- "will tyler come home for the birth?" Ummmm duh, YES. He'll have to go back afterwards, but he will most definitely be there. Someone needs to tell me how pretty I am when I'm foaming at the mouth & farting uncontrollably. My mom gave up that privilege when she married me off...

Anyways, we're excited! Actually I'm like half excited right now because even though I feel pregnant & I was sick my entire first trimester AND I'm already kind of "showing", I don't look pregnant. I just look like a heffer. This second pregnancy is not like the first one at all. AT. ALL. You'd think I would've already known this because I've read it, been told etc.. and they were not lying. Second time around your uterus is like psh I GOT THIS and then doubles in size the next day even though your baby is like the size of your fingernail. The truth & the struggles are real over hurr.

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  1. Those photos are adorable. Congrats!

  2. OMG! Congrats! How exciting. Drey will be a great big brother! Epidural is key!

  3. Congratulationsssss!!!!! I love your description of Drey's reaction :) My older sister's birthday is 3 weeks before mine, and we had joint birthday parties until she went into middle school - and we loved it. My niece and nephew have birthdays 2 weeks apart and they currently have joint birthday parties too. The kids don't really seem to mind/notice, and it's easier on the parents AND all the people you'd be inviting to both parties! And why is it that everytime I learn more and pregnancy, it makes me more and more terrified at the idea of ever getting pregnant?!?! Foaming at the mouth? FARTING? Uteruses with a mind of their own??!?

  4. OH MY GOSH! I so knew it!!! I just had a feeling. Anyhow, CONGRATULATIONS friend. So exciting.

  5. So happy for y'all! You are gonna be the cutest little momsy of two EVER. And since you take the best photos I'm soooo looking forward to so many adorable pics of your TWO beautiful kiddos!!! :))

  6. I don't know why my first comment didn't work, probably because I did it from my phone. Congrats to you and your adorable little family! Also you are hilarious, this post had me "LOL'ing" the WHOLE time. Those uncontrollable farts are the worst. :)

  7. "Someone needs to tell me how pretty I am when I'm foaming at the mouth & farting uncontrollably." Bahahahahahahahha!!! I love you! Congrats girl! :D

  8. Congratulations!! That's so exciting!! I think joint birthdays will be fun!