Thursday, January 29

little man turns 4.

dreydan turning 4 is so last year. literally. it was last august. i never did blog about it because life got in the way. and then when i got rid of life, i realized i didn't have the pictures. i was in japan, the pictures were in america. so annoying.. but whatevs. here we are now though, highlighting homeboy's 4th birthday party. woot woot!

we had his party on saturday at the park, the day before his actual birthday. all of his favorite people came out to celebrate with him. he requested a 'dinosaur & football' themed party. if you remember, last years party was also dino themed, but he added the 'football' this year so it wouldn't be the same haha. he's so weird and smart.

anyways, sis-in-law made the cake, per the norm. we had a bbq, sang 'happy birthday', ate cake, opened presents, and then smashed a pinata. all while wearing dino hats, running in circles & listening to dinosaur facts from a newly 4yr old.

the day was so hot, drey was soaking with sweat! but like any little child who is having a blast, they don't care. all they wanted was candy...

the next day, on drey's actual birthday, we went to wheeler farm. there also happened to be a farmer's market going on! loooove farmer's markets. they are my peanut butter and jelly. for realz.

picture overload of that day here.

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  1. I loved that day! After that we rode the ancient rides, snow cones, playground, and I got to watch you do side leaps down the sidewalk! Hahaha then we through your suprise Japanese party!

  2. He is so cute! Love the dinosaur hats. You sis in law rocked that cake!!!

  3. Happy birthday to your little man!!! His facial expressions are so damn adorable! :D