Saturday, December 27

christmas morning.

Every year we have like 900 places to be ON Christmas. We are normally driving from house to house dividing our time between my mom, my dad, Tyler's family, end of Utah to the other... It's exhausting. I look forward to the day when everyone travels to my house on Christmas and I can stay snuggled in my jammies & be worthless.
This year, though, was a little different. We celebrated Christmas with Tyler's family the weekend before, then my grandma's party that is normally on Christmas Day was celebrated the afternoon before which gave us 2 parties that day back to back. Then after our annual Christmas Eve party, we headed to my moms, where we've planted ourselves and haven't moved. I don't think I've even taken a shower since we've been here and I am not ashamed. Oh my gosh I can't tell you how amazing it is to NOT travel on Christmas. I envy everyone who never has to do it. Seriously, I hate you.

So these past couple of days I've been hiding in my moms basement, snuggling up with my minky, & catching up on the History channel like a boss. I've loved it. I ditched my phone for like 2 days & IT. WAS. THE. BEST. I love my phone but I hate having it around me. Plus, since we had gotten all our visits out of the way, I didn't have to worry about calling anyone to let them know "we're on our way!" or "okay plans have changed, we'll be there at 4 instead of 2" or "roads are bad, we're going to be late".. etc. Ahhh it was awesome! I feel like you're reading this and thinking this girl is dramatic, it's not that bad to travel on Christmas... And to you I say a very bad word. This is a Christmas post so I'll refrain from those bad words to you bitches right now. Just know I am still ecstatic that I haven't gone A N Y W H E R E since Christmas morning. Like, there are no words haha.

We had a perfect morning. It snowed A TON the night before and it was the picturesque "white christmas". Dreydan got everything he asked for, plus a little more. Santa dropped off his skateboard he'd been asking for AND he found a real dinosaur tooth in his stocking. I got my scarf I'd been eyeing for almost a year & Tyler was bombarded with Footlocker gift cards. We listened to some Christmas tunes mixed with a little Taylor Swift all afternoon as we munched on treats and laid around in our new jammies. We had family coming in later for dinner so my mom & I started cooking the 100lb prime rib she found and a million potatoes while we watched Mike & Molly. It was a good day. I didn't take many pictures & I'm sorry to those of you who text me sweet Christmas nothings and I never responded, but I was content with hiding. I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas day. And to those of you sucka's who had to travel.... hahahahaha! But really though, I don't feel bad. Not even a little teeny bit.


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  1. I loooovee this! And GET it. Dude I grew up staying at home in my jams and every year we zoom everywhere and are rushed to shit. So awesome for you while back in the us!

    This year we had a sick remy so ppl actually did flock to us, I may plot that from now on. ;)

  2. Is that a shop just dawnelle scarf I see??? :))) Looks like you've had a wonderful time. And no worries about the shower thing. I have been having the laziest days and I'm not ashamed. hehe.

    1. Yes it iiiissss! I love it so much! And if the holidays aren't made for being lazy 98% of the time, then I don't want to do it right.. xo!

  3. I'm the same way about my phone. I feel naked without it but IT FEELS GOOD TO BE NAKED SOMETIMES!

  4. Not travelling is the best! I totally ignored everything this past weekend, it was so much fun! Though catching up has been crazy! Glad it was a good Christmas for you all!