Monday, October 20

Wild Thing - Little Rascals Shop

A few weeks ago Drey was chosen as a Brand Representative for Little Rascals Shop! She's got the best little raglan's, tee's & tanks you guys. The best part about it, she designs & hand carves all the stamps she uses to make them. She stamps all of the designs on her clothes. Seriously, I love it. Only in my dreams could I be talented & cool like that. The simplicity of her tops makes it so easy to dress up or down, you can pair them with just about anything. The fabrics are so soft & they handle the washer great! I love them. And the penguin tee.. it's cute, right? It's sooo much cuter in person! It went from like my top 5 fave to my fave fave. I wish the keyboard had the heart eyes emoji because that's what I look like right now haha..

We went out for a walk (after bribing homeboy with a new toy from the 100 yen store) & not even 10 minutes into it, it started raining. Luckily, I'm super mama and packed our umbrella's. 2 seconds after opening them, the wind started blowing & Dreydan's poor umbrella like hyper extended and he was getting plastered with rain haha! He was yelling mooom help me! i'll blow away!! in his high pitched super scared voice and I was laughing SO. HARD. I couldn't help him because I couldn't stop laughing. The harder he screamed, the harder I laughed. I'm sure I was being judged by window peeping onlookers, but I don't care. It was f u n n y. And just as soon as it started, everything stopped. He looked up at me and said well that was freakin' dumb. Haha... oh Drey.

'White Penguin Tee' c/o Little Rascals Shop found HERE
'Wild Thing Raglan' c/o Little Rascals Shop found HERE

Also, LRS is offering a promo code TODAY ONLY to use off your entire order!
Enter DREY15 at checkout for 15% off. Valid until midnight tonight.
Get shopping at Little Rascals now!

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  1. make those shirts bigger so they fit on my big people body! love you drey, you are the perfect model, with the perfect momarrzi

  2. He is just too cute! Love the bomber hat and the penguin top.

  3. He is - SO HANDSOME! What a cute little BOY!


  4. What an adorably precious model you have. You are just too cool for me with your brand reppin' kid and crazy good photography skills. I still love you doe.

  5. Haha shush! You know that's not true! I'm trying to keep up with yoooou!