Tuesday, October 28

taking stock.

Making: japanese memories.
Cooking: nothing. I'm the worst wife everrrr.
Drinking: i lohas apple water. the best shiz, you have no idea.
Reading: 'in a dark, dark room' over and over and over.
Wanting: my car. i miss my car.
Looking: like a hot mess everyday. damn you japan.
Playing: teacher. and no, I suck.
Wasting: toilet paper. don't ask. 
Sewing: not a damn thing. ever. maybe one day..
Wishing: i could be home for halloween BUT a bullet train to tokyo will suffice ;-)
Enjoying: free time with my husband.  
Waiting: for cafe rio to be in muh belly!
Liking: my new bookstore. i can't read anything in it but oh well.
Wondering: whyyy the last divergent book had to end that way. WHY? 
Loving: how many of my friends are pregnant right now. babiesss!
Hoping: i can stop eating baked goods. drooool.
Marveling: at ancient buddhist temples. (blog post coming soon)
Needing: cafe rio!
Smelling: incense, blech! but it keeps the mosquito's away.
Wearing: sweats. always sweats. hot mess, remember?
Following: tyler wherever he goes. even the bathroom.
Noticing: the leaves in japan don't change as fast as in america. it takes until decemeber.
Knowing: i need to work out more.
Thinking: i prob won't do it...
Feeling: a little homesick. but happy i can be with my lover.
Bookmarking: etsy shops! christmas is coming yo.
Opening: the donut bag tyler just brought home. damn you too, tyler!
Giggling: dreydan's stories. they are the best.

I did this last May, so I thought it was time for another.
Share your own taking stock and tell me where you're at in life.

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  1. I have been all over Etsy lately too, obsessed! I bet the temples were beautiful, looking forward to that post!