Monday, September 22

american cool.

 The Japanese styles out here are veryyy different from America.
I'm talking crocs, hello kitty, platform shoes, anime on e v e r y t h i n g.

Those pants are from a little department store down our street here & they're very common
on little children. They love the baggy pants/capri styles with crocs & a shirt that doesn't match.

I'm guilty of buying him a pair of Lightning McQueen crocs.. they were on sale for like $3! I had to.
And I love just throwing on any shirt with his polka pants haha.. with an American twist, obvi.
Shirt is from an online shop, Grey Ham NYC. Insta -- @greyhamnyc

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  1. Replies
    1. Haha right?! He doesn't even know how cool he is.

  2. Cutest american Japanese model ever!

  3. In China they call them "doo doo pants" haha still super stylish tho!

    1. Haha a fitting name ;-) But I love them so much! Not sure he can get away with them in America as well as he does here though ha..

  4. He's the coolest, I love his hats!