Thursday, September 25

Osaka Castle.

Our view walking up the grounds 

 Bottom gate entrance, original.

Original stairs - we were walking on modern stairs built to the side 

 Part of the mote surrounding the castle grounds

Old man having a rough day. He even kicked his crocs off before knocking out 

Ancient Japanese cannon

 Before crossing the bridge to the castle grounds

Tyler handling the camera... 

I love these trees.

View of Osaka from the top of the main tower 

Original stone base wall from the 14th century 

Tickets, check. English pamphlet, check. 


Opposite side of castle + my lovies.

So this castle was first built in 1583. Over the years, it was burned down from fires & destroyed by war.
Reconstructed several times, the final project was done in 1995.
Although this is a concrete reproduction of the original, the grounds, the buildings surrounding it &
artifacts displayed inside the castle are very much original. It was amazing!

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  1. Ohhhh to live in a castle with a moat. Heaven! Love the history of it and glad it was restored.

  2. Bahahah... nothing like kicking your Crocs off after a long day!

  3. Okay so I just caught up on all of these posts I've been missing and I don't even know where to start. Every single picture is stunning and I'm jealous... Y'all are really taking in some awesome sights! I am loving my tour of Japan via Emily!!!

    1. Well thank you so much, lovey! It's been so fun. But I'm starting to get a little homesick...

  4. Loved these pictures and living vicariously through your adventures. :)