Tuesday, August 26


Ty found this shrine on our Google maps search & it was only a few blocks away from us, so we
decided to make an afternoon of it with a visit & then lunch on the way home!

Obviously we couldn't read the signs so we didn't know what each section was or why it was there etc..
and nobody was there to guide us. Literally. There was nobody. It was a little eerie.
You'd think being a Saturday afternoon there would be more peeps around. It honestly could have been 
closed for all we know. Haven't figured that out yet.

So we walked around for a little bit, snapped some pictures, Dreydan prayed & then Ty rang the bell, 
and we also may or may not have walked on sacred gravel... Haven't figured that out yet, either.

For lunch we found a little place that served udon noodles, one of Ty's favorites.
It's a self serve noodle bowl shop thing with tempura veggies & meat.
Not totally my flavor, but the tempura onions were on point. Yum!

When we got home I tried to Google this shrine so I could read about the history of it and
I couldn't find anything! I don't know if I have the name wrong or I'm spelling it wrong or 
maybe it just really isn't that cool to post up on the web..? I don't know. There were lots & lots of 
other shrines, but not this particular one. 

I've also thought that maybe the .jp is different from .com and you'd come up with better results in America?
Seriously, I don't know why the hell I couldn't find info or what I'm even talking about. I'm mentally challenged.
Someone help! If you care to search & happen to find something, send me the link, please.

the pictures aren't the greatest because i had only my iphone
and it's super humid so my lens gets randomly foggy...

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  1. Um, okay how gorgeous are you in that cute little romper? You are a babe Em! :) Keep these posts coming, I love seeing your adventures!

  2. It is looks beautiful there. It is so hard not being able to read the signs. I did try googling and I only figured out Jinja is the word for shrine. I did find a little bit of info here http://www.go-nagano.net/blog/?tag=ueda and another site mentioned it as Ikushima Tarushima Shrine.

  3. I'll see if any of my students can help ya out. I got yo back! Love you!