Monday, June 2

Lately // via iphone

So I got an email tonight from an extremely faithful reader asking why I haven't posted in over a week!
I did not have an answer for her other than... um? great question! still love me?

Truth be told, I can't give her the answer she's searching for. Not yet.
My life has been busy busy busy! Seriously. Someone slip me an Ambien and I'll love you forever.

I'm in the eye of the storm right now and soon part 2 will be overwhelming me.
I know, I know! The suspension is killing you, right? Soon I'll be able to share. Soon!
Until then, in between everything else, this has been my life via iphone.

 Valentine Carriage House. My home away from home.

Sun bathing with little man  //  I bought overalls.. thoughts?

Take a deep breath, smile & know they're always with you.

 We had a robins nest. The babies hatched, grew & flew away. This egg didn't make it...

 Just Dawnelle. Her stuff is to die for and her kimono's know the way to my heart!

Picked his outfit this day.. swag for dayzz // Admiring his obsession, dinosaurs all day, erryday.

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{ and thank you sadie for keeping me on my toes! xo }

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  1. Very few can pull off coveralls but you rocked them! Dinosaurs Rawr Rawr Rawr!!

  2. I know what your secret is! I will never tell! Jealous anyone?? You should be. insert villains laugh here.

  3. Poor little robin's egg... it's so pretty though!

  4. cute overalls; cute birds too, so sad they left us. oh wait, they left nasty poop all over the porch. Fly away birds!

  5. I know the secret too, but I'm not telling!