Friday, May 16

Homemade Vanilla

Do you wanna make some delicious homemade vanilla?
Don't get excited or used to this because {as you well know!} recipes are not my
forte. However, I'm making an exception for this vanilla post. It is heavenly!

Every time my mom visits my aunt in Cali, she comes back with something awesome.
This last time she came back with a homemade journal & some homemade vanilla.
Like, what?! Why am I never invited?!

After getting instructions from the master, I made my own.
Here's my how-to in 3 easy steps!

what you'll need:
buy the cheapest bottle of vodka you can find.
i bought barton vodka. it was like $7. bottom shelf.
buy 6 vanilla seed pods. whole foods is the cheapest, bulk area.
if you live in utah, whole foods does not carry them in bulk. so we ordered them online locally here.
tip: DON'T buy them in the jar. it's a waste of money & you don't want them dry.

step one:
first & foremost, scratch off the tacky label & clean the outside of your bottle.

step two: 
take your vanilla pods and cut them open from stem to end lengthwise, but not in half!

step three: 
after you cut open your pods, put them directly into the vodka bottle.

{pretend you're a creative cathy & decorate the neck}
put your bottle in a dark cupboard for 3 months.
the vodka will take on a lovely dark caramel color and turn into the most delicious vanilla extract you've ever tasted.
every few weeks shake the bottle before it's ready.
resist the urge to drink straight from the bottle!

This is not only great for you to have, but it's great for gifts!
Snag some tiny bottles from Hobby Lobby & you can fill each one to make the cutest last minute presents.

This was written as guest post for Miss Mama Me!
Whit asked me to guest post for her while she & her family vaycay in Cabo. 
WHAT a bitch.
While she is basking in the sun, drinking Mai Tai's & getting massages by a shirtless, toned Juan Pablo, I 
have to write a guest post so her blog doesn't sit dormant as she frolic's about in Mexico.
It's fked up.

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  1. HAHAHA that last part is hilarious! This is cool though, I wanna try it!!

  2. aren't you the bestest friend. and yea, its so much deliciousness!

  3. Whooooooo for how-tos. TEACH ME ALL THE THINGS YOU KNOW. And I am majorly impressed with the Martha Stewart stunt you pulled with that bottle neck! Very decorative.

  4. I've seen this forever, on so many blogs, and I really need to try it. I honestly don't know if I've ever had REAL vanilla extract. I think I've always bought the vanilla imitation flavor, or whatever, the stuff without alcohol in it. And your pretty lace bow makes it look real fancy.

  5. Say what?! Never knew it was from Vodka! I'd rather be in Cabo!

  6. Ok. I am going to try. You have convinced me.

  7. so my Vanilla never looks that fancy but it tastes amazing! :)