Tuesday, June 17

Gone Fishin'!

Growing up in a small town in the mountains I was minutes away from a handful of lakes.
You literally had your choice going up through the canyon.

Last week we {hubby, little man, step-dad} met my brother and a couple of his friends at
one of them for a day of fishing! Drey has fished at Lake Powell but we didn't get to keep the fishy's..
So this trip was extra fun for him because he knew we were taking them home for our belly's! Hollaaa.

 my loves

 our homemade dam

mismatch socks. don't care, won't care.

my brother is a ginger!

and crippled.

 my pallet - that view! and by view i mean my dr. pepper...

 ...down by the river

 out of the 14 fish that were caught, i contributed 1

grandpa helped reel in dreys fish!

Such a great & beautiful day spent with the family.
Until next time, Goosberry!
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  1. AHHH how fun! I have been wanting to go fishing for so long but the weather here has been super bi-polar.

    1. It was so fun! Weather was perfect and I was laying on my pallet most of the day reading. The weather is drunk, seriously. It doesn't know what it wants.

  2. What a fun fishing trip! It makes me want to go!

    1. Do it! It's so fun! It's so chill and quiet, I just love it.

  3. I don't think I could catch even one so be proud girl! Drey caught a good sized one.

  4. This blog makes me really...really....realllllllllly....REALLLLLLLY home sick. Sigh. I am over this place. I am really ready to come home now.

  5. superduper. wish i had been there.

  6. Looks like suchhhh a nice way to spend a day!