Friday, June 20

All about Drey's fashion.

Dreydan was featured on The Little Lovelies website the other day as their featured little!
The Little Lovelies is a blog put together by 3 mama's featuring their 5 kids, who are literally to drool for.
They mostly blog about their babies fashion, but occasionally you'll get snippets of their life, which I loveee!

You can head over to their site & read my guest post about Drey, his fashion, my favorite places to shop &
why... OR you can read {most of} it below. But I'd love you visit The Little Lovelies & show them some sugar!
My little boo is going to be 4 in August! F-O-U-R. Ahhhh.
He's obsessed with dinosaurs, basketball, chocolate, the color blue & his daddy.
Homeboy never stops. His energy is refreshing & I love it so much.

hat: 77kids // tank: target // shorts: 77kids

I get asked all the time from my readers, what's your favorite part about being a mom?
My favorite part is knowing I made a soul & he's mine. He's always with me & he's my best friend.
That's my favorite.

Then the obvious like, listening to him laugh, tell stories, watching him dig in the dirt, play with his trains,
talk about dinosaurs, pretend he is one, run in circles & lastly, shopping for him!

As a mom, I want clothes for Drey that will last. And I want it for a good ass price!
I refuse to pay full price for anything. If I'm online shopping, I will wait until they have free shipping or they shell out a promo. Or if you dig really hard, you can sometimes score at thrift stores.
Just call me Bargain Betty! Seriously. I will rock your world.

shirt: crewcuts // vest: children's place // sandals: old navy

sunglasses: children's place // tank: jamz streetwear // shorts: 77kids // flops: old navy

~My favorite places to shop for little man~

J Crew: Even if I could afford a single shirt for $60, I wouldn't buy it. Luckilyyyy, they have their 40% off clearance sale like 2-3 times a year, and you can snag up some great pieces for a great price! Not to mention their clothes are such great quality & they have the long/slim fit, which I love so much. They also wash extremely well & stay so soft.. if you do it right

Gap Kids: Who doesn't love Gap? Gap is just Gap, we love it! However, if you aren't careful, you can do some hard damage before walking out of there. I like to stick to the clearance racks {bargain betty here!}, the "last season" tee's are just as cute as the new arrivals. And if you're a freak like me, you would have done the survey at the bottom of your receipt from a previous purchase, therefore getting 20% off a full priced item. Boom. I'm so handy to have around. Don't even get me started on their outlets.

Target: Regardless of a sale or not, they've always got awesome prices. I'm loving Shaun White's clothing line they have right now. It's cheap enough that I don't feel bad purchasing the pieces at full price, if I have to haha. I also like to get some of Dreydan's "play clothes" here. The clothes I just don't care what happens to when he's playing with God knows what outside. And I'm okay with handing him a red popsicle and letting him go. to. town! Imma cool mom like that.

H&M: Sometimes I really love what I find here, sometimes not so much. It's never a sure thang, know what I'm sayin'! They do have adorable accessories & their jeans are perfect. They are the only jeans I don't feel bad about cutting into shorts when winter ends. I like to think that I'm eco-friendly, so recycling Drey's clothes makes me feel important.. {sarcasm?}

Wal-Mart: You guys! Don't judge me. This is my "play clothes" heaven. We play outside a lot. In the summer, it gets HOT. Mix sweat with dirt & what do you have? Boy. You have a boy. I LOVE buying basketball shorts & muscle tanks from Wal-Mart. They are sooo cheap. I'm talking $4 shorts & $3 muscle tanks, in every color. Most days, that is my homies go-to outfit. By lunch he's so dirty, smells so weird, and I don't even care! Let them stain! Do you boo boo.

Online Boutiques: I love shopping online. I can sit at home, no bra, top knot bun, no makeup, crumbs in my lap from the bottom of the chip bag & have the time of my life. Can I hear an AMEN! Some of my favorites are: Hello Apparel, including Jamz, Hatch for Kids, Slyfox Threads, Of One Sea & Geo Fox Apparel. The trick is to wait until they have free shipping and/or advertising a promo! I cringe when I think of buying a single shirt for $30+shipping. Gross. Those tricky bastards throw out random promo's all the time! Just wait for them. Oh, and I always buy at least 2 sizes UP! I have trust issues with online size-charts.

 hat: old navy // muscle tank: wal-mart

shirt: hello apparel // shorts: k-mart

The key to keeping your kids' clothes nice is washing them properly.
I am the biggest crack head when it comes to washing Drey's clothes. Tyler wants to punch me.
Follow wash instructions!
And when in doubt, wash cold, delicate & hang dry.
Never never never put them in the dryer.
The only thing I dry of Drey's are his undies, socks & jammies.

 cords: 77kids // cape: hello apparel

tee: hatch for kids // wrist band {get rad}: hatch for kids

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  1. Thanks for the tips! Since Alexander's just 12 months now, we pretty much only shop at Carter's. But I love the stuff at J Crew. It's good to know about these other options! Also, it takes a skill to put together outfits for boys (as a mom). Okay, to ME, it's a challenge. I am a little more adventurous with his outfits than I am with my own outfits, and I take most of my cues from the mannequins at the store. ALSO I follow "stylish kids" on Instagram. :)

  2. Adorable! he's such a model. now to only get him to make big bucks so we can all sit home and watch him and his daddy work!

  3. What a smart young man - and how right you are about washing things right! Pays handsomely over time! Good luck to you and Drey: he's a great model too!

    1. Thank you! And yes, I'm all about making sure his clothes are washed correctly. I'm spending money on a piece of clothing that he won't be wearing for very long so I need to make sure it stays nice for baby #2! Whenever that may be.. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Drey has such a cool mom! :) Love his style and yours!

  5. Is it weird that I'm obsessed with your kid?!