Wednesday, May 7

Taking Stock.

I've been seeing a couple of these floating around and thought it would be fun to join.
Original I think came from here.

Making : grapevine wreaths decor. obsessed. 
Cooking : vegetables like a mofo.
Drinking : dr pepper. always.
Reading : A Good American, Alex George - Inferno, Dan Brown - And The Mountains Echoed, Khaled Hosseini
Wanting : hot weather & everything from this list.
Looking : through my recipe box for dinner idea's this week.
Playing : dinosaurs.
Wasting : mangoes. i didn't mean to.
Sewing : not a damn thing.
Wishing : i could write the book to my own life.
Enjoying : my newly rekindled flame with my boyfriend, Legolas. #thehobbit
Waiting : to share some unexpected news!
Liking : the idea of a new blog design.
Wondering : if butter is a carb.
Loving : my homemade fried zucchini chips.
Hoping : i get my flabby ass toned up before cancun.
Marveling : at my 3 year old & his memory.
Needing : sushi.
Smelling : popcorn, yum!
Wearing : my air force ROTC training shirt & VS sweats.
Following : not the crowd! they're fking bat shit crazy these days.
Noticing : my easter decor is still up...
Knowing : my life as we know it is about to get cuh-ray-zay!
Thinking : i need hostess chocolate donuts within my reach
Feeling : like i shouldn't have chocolate donuts within my reach.
Bookmarking : nothing. unless it's inside of a book.
Opening : a box of tampons. yup... fml.
Giggling : at very inappropriate moments because i can't help it.

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  1. Um... I don't even know what I read besides these two lines

    Waiting : to share some unexpected news!
    Knowing : my life as we know it is about to get cuh-ray-zay!

    That's the worst teaser in the world. I must know. You're killing me smalls

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  3. I seriously want a webcam in your house so I can stalk are just so you! xoxox

  4. WHAT!! you didn't dehydrate the mangos? laaazzzzyyyy

  5. Totally thought you were going to say pregnant till the tampons line. You little tease!! Love the mean girls reference butter is not a carb! ;)

  6. Isn't the Dan Brown one that book that is a million pages? No... Dan Brown is the National Treasure guy? Aw geez. Either way, good for you, reading multiples. I don't read enough. Are these actual physical books or ebooks??

    Also, little chocolate donuts sound so good. I hate chocolate donuts that are from a chain because the chocolate is hot and goopy and only on top. I like the little ones in the box that are dry and dipped completely in chocolate. Also I haven't had any added sugar in a week, so I would probably eat one of those big goopy ones right now, anyway.

    PS the way it says "emily" at the end of each post, presumably in your handwriting,... is that something you have to insert each time or is there a way it does it automatically? I want one. :)

  7. Um, I agree with the first comment ^ Wazzup girl!?