Wednesday, May 14

Mother's Day Brunch

This was my first year as a mom going to a preschool Mother's Day Brunch.
Seriously, talk about sweeping me off my feet by little man!

First thing walking in I was handed a picture book of this year's activities they had done.
And a necklace that Drey made .
It's my favorite thing in the world right now. No joke, I'm in love with it.

Second we had to find our paper on the wall that describes us, in our child's eye.. so cute.
Then there was a small program & they sang us songs, swooon!

After that we did a mini craft, planted a flower & then ate some brunchy.
I honestly loved it so much. Dreydan was so sweet & I'd be lying if I said I didn't cry a little.

 She likes to give me noodles haha... and the picture of me is spot on.

 my necklace! it's mine. be jealous.

first page in his all about me book. love every piece of him!
It's all about the little things in life that we need to cherish.

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  1. How adorable is his answers! The necklace is precious!

  2. oh, mother's day just gets better as they get more adorable! they get so excited for you to open your gifts that they made it really tugs at your heart.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Dude. He needs to start an Etsy shop with those necklaces and earn his keep! ;P

  4. Kollyns starts preschool this year and it is killing me to even think about it. But adorable stuff like this makes me kind of not so sad about it. Swooning over that necklace and Dreydan's cuteness. :)

    1. Nooo don't be sad! Actually, yes be sad. I was sad but it gets better :-)) It makes you so proud of the things they do and bring home! I've saved every last piece of it. You'll love!

  5. Love it so much! Drey is the cutest and that necklace is the bomb!

  6. SO SWEET! Ahh, this must have made you feel like a million bucks. I love that you're rocking your necklace like a boss. And my word, does your little guy have some sweet kicks.

    aka Bailey