Saturday, December 7

To the Plantations! {part 2}

The day after ole Myrtle's, we drove down River Road. 
It's just like it sounds, a road on the river. Yup.
You actually can't see the river from the road anymore.
They built a levee... I KNOW.
It's safer for the homes and shit, obvi, but ughhhh. I wanted to see the steamboats from my car.
How am I supposed to pretend it's "wayyy back then" when the views aren't the same?! 

Anyways. Our second tour was of the Evergreen Plantation.
Again, no pics allowed inside the house. FML.
These slave cabins were my favorite!!!
22 original cabins are still standing. The history!

Oh! Ever seen Django? That's the house! And those cotton fields in the movie in front of the house?
Fake. Cotton balls glued onto sticks. True story.

Coming up next, The Laura Plantation. 
I could take pictures inside this next one, yessss!

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  1. Just to be on that land felt so surreal. I loved every single minute of it.

    1. Oh yea, for sure! It was the bestest! I'm glad I got to go with my favorite people.

  2. OMG gorgeous! I love those old plantation homes and those stairs from the second floor is seriously my dream!! Those cabins are unreal.