Monday, September 2

Labor Day // Bye Summer

Everyone says the 1st day of Sept marks the start of fall. Well, I've got news for you.
Fall doesn't start till October. Bitches.
What makes you so sure you say? Because that's my birthday month and because I say so.

I 'm going to enjoy the rest of this month half naked as much as I can.
Because while I do love fall {ode to fall coming in oct}, I love my summertime rays.

Summer don't goooo!

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  1. haha Fall doesn't really exist in Texas :)

  2. this post is why we love each other and we hate each other...

  3. Love those rays of sunshine but I'm stoked for boots and cardigan weather!

  4. I SO agree with you on this! I think it's crazy how people have been saying "Fall is here" for a few weeks now. And I'm like "it's 98 degrees outside, wth are you talking about?" The only sign of Fall I see is that it is getting dark about 7:15pm now, that's a bummer.
    I love your Blog btw, the "what kind of blogger are you" post is great. Now following via Bloglovin.