Tuesday, September 3

What kind of blogger are you?

And I don't mean like
"Oh me?! I'm a fashion blogger" or
"I blog about fruit & veggies and how it affects your animals!" or
"Well I'm a mom soooo, mom blog!"

No. I mean...
  1. Do you post everyday?
  2. Are you the kind of blogger with advertisements all over & the sneaky ones that randomly pop up?
  3. Do you review products? If so, how often?
  4. Would you subscribe to a blog based on the number of  readers they have before checking out their content?
  5. Do you host link-ups?
  6. Do you host or participate in giveaways?
  7. Do you appreciate comments?
  8. Are you always happy blogging or does it sometimes feel like a chore?

Imma break down these questions that pop in my head when finding new blogs and/or debating whether to unsubscribe to a blog.

one. Do you post everyday? This is something that is very common among most blogs that I read. I don't mind it. Obviously, if I'm subscribed to read your blog, I'm not going to be upset when you have new posts to read everyday. And if you take 3-4 days in between your posts, I don't mind that either.

two. Advertisements. Okay... c'mon guys. There should be a limit to your side advertisements. I don't like it & I prob won't continue to read. Sorry I'm not sorry. I don't like clutter & I reeaallly don't like when advertisements pop up in the middle of the page and follow me as I scroll down. I'm reading YOUR blog. Not Mr. Clean's.

three. Do you review products? Let's get one thing straight. If you have a product you love and you want to share with your readers, your neighbors & pretty much anyone who will listen, great! I want in on this awesomeness. However, I don't give 2 shits about reading your blog when there is a review 5 days out of the week. My friend told me she unsubscribed to a blog because the blogger was reviewing items/products that she had never even used! Whyyy? Oh you get compensated? Cool... 

four. How do you choose what blogs to read? I have to admit, I was guilty of this awhile back. If I saw there were more than like 500+ readers, I thought well she's got to have something goin' on, look at her readers... When in reality, they sucked and I could care less about what they blogged about. Now after cleaning out my feed & being even more picky about the blogs I choose, I'm happy to scroll down my blogger home feed without the usual, meh...lame...how do 1500 readers love her outfit?...another review...8th post in a row about her lawn...awesome non-existent baby bump, not...

five. Link-ups. Who doesn't love a link-up? I love them. And I know you love them. I've found some of my most favoritest blogs from blog hopping. But I need to know... why the fk would you have a co-hosting fee? Listen, I don't care how many readers you have or how popular your link-up is. You shouldn't charge anything. I don't want to "buy" my readers, but if you are co-hosting a link-up in hopes of some exposure and maybe some new readers, isn't that what you're kinda doing? Are those just my feelings? I want READERS. Not just subscribers.

six. Giveaways. You know I love me some giveaways. I love entering them with the giddy hopes that I'll win. I've hosted 1 giveaway, which was great. It had a good outcome & the winner was very pleased with her prize. But I was glad when it was over with. I didn't enjoy it enough to keep doing it. I've been offered a couple times to promote some things and host another giveaway, but I feel like a teenager who wants to clean the house and then her mom TELLS her to clean the house and then all of the sudden, she doesn't want to do it anymore. My only dilemma, don't over do it! Same thing with the reviews. After a certain point, I don't care anymore what you're giving away because I've unsubscribed to you...

seven. Do you appreciate comments? I've talked about this before, but really. If people are taking their time to comment on your blog, the least you could do is respond back. Right? Right. No if's, and's, or but's about it. Just do it. Even if it's only a quick, thank you! It'll be appreciated on the other end. If you are a comment-er and think you may be getting ignored, go HERE to see if there is something you can do about it on your end.

eight. Are you an always happy blogger? Or does it feel like a chore sometimes? I love blogging. It's one of my most favoritest things to do. I never ever ever want to feel like writing a post or hosting a giveaway is a chore. And once it does, I will probably stop doing it. But for now, it's just a hobby that I'm happily dedicated to.

So what kind of blogger are you?
Whatever kind you are, I'm sure you rock at it.
Unless you fall into 1 or more of these categories, then you prob suck. Ha, kidding!... sorta
And if you need more of my bitching, go HERE.
I hope I didn't offend anyone. If I did tho, get over it. Wuss...

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  1. Bahaha, I love this. I need to go through my feedly and unfollow so many blogs. I'm getting good at clicking off posts so fast. GIVE ME REAL LIFE, DANG IT, and I don't even care if there's pictures. Honestly, I think I like to read blogs like novels.

  2. I confess that I'm one of those bloggers that reviews crap. I always review the glam bags I get, but not for compensation (I don't get compensated for those posts). I review them because that's how I found out about blogging in the first place: those glam bag reviews. Plus, I often tell my friends about it and it's easy to pass my reviews along to them so they can decide if they want to sign up too.

    Constant giveaways bug the crap out of me. And bloggers that don't return the love. Not cool.

  3. Ugh, the "not there baby bump".... don't. care. :) xoxo

  4. I agree with all of this! I hope I don't fall into the category of a blogger no one wants to follow. :)

  5. Loving #4 & 5 - totally. (totally found you on a link up btw.) Actually love all 8, ha!

    Definitely think commenting back when people take the time to do so themselves is etiquette! At least I thought there was some un written rule about it!



    1. Thank you Marta! I think even if if was written people still wouldn't do it. Ruuuude.
      Thanks for the love!

  6. Tell it like it is Emily! I love me some honest bloggers, not those 'too perfect' ones like you mentioned. Love your post and the 'more bitching' one though it's more like the ugly truth about some bloggers :/

    I really have to agree with #7. I appreciate all the comments I get and I reply to all of them (unless I really miss out one or two). I don't get why people can't do the same. I mean, we took the time to read through your stuff - the least you could do is say 'thanks for dropping by'.

    xx Del

  7. Haha love you Em. This is amazeballs!