Thursday, August 29

Dreydan's Party: Part 3

so here is where the sugar is kicking in & the children start to run around like wild animals.
solution? hand them a bat to beat the crap out of cardboard dinosaur for more sugar.
i'm the cool mom, remember?

every kid had their turn, dreydan had 2 because he was the birthday boy.
tyler finished it off & made it rain candy... he's so hot. 
pinata's are seriously the best. they add that little extra excitement to your party & the kids love them.
and they're so cute! i mean, you just can't go wrong with a mini triceratops at a dinosaur party.
and to think i almost didn't get it.... tsk, tsk.
every party has that annoying person walking around with a camera snapping candid shots but then demanding real smiles & poses. 
here are some of those pics...

 {ty, me & our new 3 year old!}

{with grandpa keith}

 {with grandma-grandpa osborne}

 {with aunt karen, konnor & kase}

 {with whitney & myla}

{with uncle cody}

{my girl behind the camera, thanks lovey! ps. we love our shirts}

 {he's over it...}

{....and he's out.}

happy 3rd to my little PA-LE-ON-TOL-O-GIST.
the end.

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  1. All I could look at in these pictures are your killer legs, yup I am creepy like that! ;) Seriously Em, your legs are flawless!

  2. I thought i was the cool mom! love you guys, and i really miss everyone. can't wait to see you soon! love the dinosaur shirts.

  3. I LOVE THIS PARTY!!! what a special little boy! Ive been trying to comment but I seriously havent been on the computer in dayyyysss and my phone wont allow me to.

    awesome cake, shirts, everything! Good job mama.

    you and whitney are way too cute.