Monday, July 15

M Y W E E K E N D / /

TL//road trip! my view looking back at him, he kills me.

TR//had a little fall and ripped his lip open. we took a trip 
to instacare because his bleeding freaked me out! luckily, 
all was well & doc said no stitches needed, phewww.

BL//raspberry pickin' with great grandma. dreydan adores
my grandma & their time together is so precious. i just love it.

BR//backyard swimming with his cousin, missy Jo! she's a ham.

 photo EmilySignature_zps0043f664.png


  1. Poor Dreydan :( I know what you mean about the bleeding freaking you out. William fell and smacked his mouth this weekend and it freaked me out because it was bleeding so much. Thankfully his stopped pretty quickly; I always worry he's going to knock out a tooth when he smacks his face.

  2. visiting from the blog hop. Wow its amazing that no stitches were needed!

  3. my poor baby. i am going to be his personal protection when i get home!

  4. Poor little angel... I hope it doesn't hurt too much when he eats! thanks for stopping by the SSSBlog Hop. Following you now everywhere and added your badge to my blog!

  5. The car seat pic makes me think of my 3yo son - he does stuff like that all the time, he's my "silent funny" guy. We went blueberry picking last week and loved it so much we're going back this week! Stopping by from Wildcard Wednesday. :)