Wednesday, July 24

Mr. Almost 3

After breakfast...

Me: Dreydan, let's go shower!

Dreydan: No YOU go shower, I'm busy.

Me: *thinks for a minute, decides to read my book instead. we have nowhere important to be*

After lunch...

Me: Drey come shower with me so we can get ready!

Dreydan: Why?!?!

Me: Umm? *picks up my book again*

About 2ish...

Me: Drey we're showering. Let's go.

Dreydan: *doesn't even look my way* No you go shower and I'll watch my cartoons. Then after, I'll take a bath.

Me: Fine.

My mom said it perfectly this morning, he dictates your life..
It's true. I can't even pick out my own sock without his little hands all up in my bidness.
But ||so what|| right?
He'll be turning THREE next month & he has requested a Jurassic Park party. What 2yr old wants that kind of party?
Oh yea, mine.

Speaking of 3 {jk, has nothing to do with it}, go HERE for a Miss Mama Me giveaway.
Ladies, so adorable! You'll love, I promise.

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful niece, Kaylee! She's 8 today :))

Also to my fellow Utahns... Happy Pioneer Day!

Okay I'm done.

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  1. seriously hes the best, I love his theme

  2. A Jurassic Park party?! He might actually be my hero.

  3. Oh that boy! I still have my little ones dictating my bidness....except they are 18 and 15. Good luck! haha :) Love you and your fam..

  4. Haha!! My daughter has just hit the "why" stage. Whenever I go to the bathroom or something, "Where you going? .. Why?" or "What you doing? .. Why?" Toddlers can be so bossy. Haha