Tuesday, May 7

Snow Canyon

Southern Utah is one of my most favorite places to be. It's GORGEOUS! Beautiful red mountains, amazing hiking and not to mention the weather is always right up my alley, 80 degrees+...loveee!

We drove down this past weekend to visit Ty's grandma in St. George. Recently, her hubby passed away and so she's been getting lots of family visits during the weekends. She was thrilled when Ty called and told her we were coming.

I love road trips with Tyler. He's so NOT a "road trip" person & hates being in the car for very long. Especially when he's the driver {i'm the total opposite. i love them!}. So what do I do? Make him drive alllll the way down and force him to tell me stories the whole time. His 2 least favorite things. Ever. He loves me! Don't ya babe :))

We hit up Snow Canyon on Sunday and took Dreydan on his first real hike. He's the best little hiking buddy. Collecting sticks, throwing rocks, begging to us to find dinosaur eggs... seriously, thee best. We had a mini picnic at the bottom of our trail & then started making our way back up. Tyler had to carry Drey for a bit on the way out but after walking almost 2 miles, what 2 year old wouldn't?

{according to drey, that giant hole is a dinosaur cave. he's prob right}

I mean just look at that scenery!!
Love it.
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  1. Looks like such a nice little trip!!! I have never been Utah before but I must admit, these photos have convinced me to vist:)

    Visiting from the Just Because link-up


  2. looks awesome! I want to take my kids hiking!

  3. Just found you and followed;) Hope you head over and follow us and check out our fun Mother's Day giveaway featured here: http://www.thechirpingmoms.com/2013/05/the-great-mothers-day-giveaway.html!

  4. I love hiking! We took our girls up the side of a mountain in a bike trailer with our dogs...may not have been our best idea ever, but we had so much fun! It's days like these that children remember and grow on! Thanks so much for sharing you're awesome trip!

  5. My Charlie would have thought that was a dinosaur cave as well!! The scenery really is gorgeous. So glad you were able to visit Ty's grandmother...I know she loved having you there!

  6. Wow! It's absolutely gorgeous there!!!

  7. he is such the stud. i love him, can't wait to go hiking with you guys!

  8. I love it, these pictures look amazing. How cool, especially the dinosaur cave!

  9. Wow! What a great outing!! That "dinosaur" hole scares me!!! LOL!!! The scenery is amazing. BTW, thanks so muchf ro your sweet and genuine comment today on my blog! Means the world!! xoxo

  10. Best dinosaur cave ever! I'm never the driver, and I love me some road trips too, the absolute vest:)

  11. Where do you live?? I am from St George but now I live in Cedar, bleeeeh. St George is my favorite escape! And the weather has been SO gorgeous there!

  12. Stunnnnning scenery! I need to get there for a hike! Thanks for sharing pics!