Monday, April 29

Dino Expo {just kill me}

So I'm not one to complain... hahahaha just kidding. I complain a lot.
Today is no exception. Gear up!

Sunday morning Dreydan & I went to the expo center, they were having a huge Dinosaur exhibition with games, bounce houses, scavenger hunts, huge life-size mechanical dinosaurs, face painting, dino rides etc... You name it, they had. It looked/sounded SO fun. It was only here for the weekend so I had to take Drey. I just had to.

We got there early afternoon.... We stood in line for a good 30 min to pick up our tickets. Already bad juju, should've known. 
Once we were inside, the first thing they do is snag you for a 3D photo-op. It would've been cool if the lady wasn't yelling at us.. She looked at Drey & I and said "Just 2 of you?!?! Fine, stand here!" Umm, okay? We were supposed to look up at something they had on the wall and "look scared" but she kept yelling at Drey to stand on the X! and for me to stop kneeling, stand up! I had no idea she had taken the picture so when we went to look at it, we had Dreydan staring down at the X & me glaring at the lady, in the process of standing up. I shit you not. That was the picture she took and expected us to purchase...

The next part was pretty cool. 
You followed a path that led you through different stages of the dino era's {pictured above}. There were just A LOT of people so it was hard to stand in one place for too long without getting trampled. We moved through that quickly.

After you come out on the other side... SHIT SHOW. It was a mess! 
The bounce houses had a wait of about 40 min for 5 min of playtime.
Face painting was prob 40+ min... there were like 2 people painting.
The dino rides {there were 4} had who knows how long... too long.
The "digging area" was jam packed...

Can you picture it? Ugh it was terrible. 
We stood in line for one of the bounce houses & then we left. 
I felt so bad! But seriously, we had been there for what, almost 2 hours, and hadn't done a damn thing.

Oh and did I mention that Sunday in Utah is when all the crack heads come out of hiding with their children?
Well, it is. And those were the type of people there. Good times right?

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  1. BAHAHAHAHA This sounds like something that would have happened to us :D


    1. Ha it sucked. Such is life, right?

  2. I found your blog on The Collective and just started following on GFC. Sorry the Dinosaur exhibit didn't go as planned. At least you got some cool pictures for your blog, though, right?

    Ashley @

    1. Yea I guess I did haha...
      Thanks for the follow girl ;))

  3. Oh the things we do for our babies!! Been there Mama!