Monday, April 22

My new favorite thing.

Last month my totally awesome, most handsomest, bestest, sexiest hubby bought me a 
new camera. But not just any lame "point & shoot" camera, a Nikon D3100.
I'm getting better with it {i took a beginners class for it...that's right}, but there are still a million things 
I need to learn. Which I prob won't, I'm not that smart.

Anywho, I shlep that thing everywhere. I just can't miss out on a Nikon photo-op. Obvi.


{giving me the "this one is for you baby!" point. he's so sweet.}

{copying dads "point"}

 {aaaand he's done}

My new favorite thing is taking pictures of these two with my badass camera.
 photo EmilySignature_zps0043f664.png


  1. Oh my gosh, that first video/gif/pic set, whatever you want to call it is so cute! Enjoy that camera! You took some adorable pics and that scenery is AMAZING!


  2. Oh my heck. Those pictures are freakin adorable! What a cute fam you all are! :) Dreydan is going to be a star football player I can see it already. Watch out world.

  3. That's a pretty adorable family time you guys had goin' on, and that background with the snow is amazing!

  4. cute photos! i realllly need to get a nice camera so i can take better photos.
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  5. the mountains in the background are amazing! I love the pictures!

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  7. Love this! How sweet, you captured quite a few great pictures, lady!

  8. How stinkin precious!! All of these pictures are great, Emily!! also, we have the same camera :)

  9. Ok. These are adorable. And I'm totally jealous of your camera. I HAVE to convince Andrew I NEED one.

  10. love your family em! dre is so precious. miss you guys.

  11. Y'all are so cute! Congrats on the new camera! Stopping by from the blog hop!

  12. I just started following your blog from the link up!!! Check mine out @

  13. How do you like the Nikon D3100? It takes great pictures. I love the ones with the mountains in the back.

  14. Wow! That looks like a great camera! How awesome is that! Those pictures are great with lots of memories behind them. Thanks for sharing this @ The Show Off Blog Party!

    The Wondering Brain