Thursday, October 18

Heber Creeper.

We took Drey to ride the Heber Creeper last week.
Talk about a little boy's dream come true.
It was love at first sight and he was in pure heaven!

Checkin' out the train.

My mom and Drey!

Me, mom & Drey

Grandpa & Drey

On our way to our destination, we were hijacked by The Soldier Hollow Gang!
Drey was a little concerned but he enjoyed the show.
Our halfway mark was a park where we stop and have lunch, walk around, play etc..
Then it was time to head back!


Love him.

Drey loves his grandpa.

He held up the line cause he wanted to walk up by himself!

He did so good :-)

Drey was a little tuckered out on the way back so I got me some snuggles!
Such a fun and beautiful day. 
Reason #386 why I love fall!
My mom is leaving for Afghanistan soon so when I told her I wanted to take Drey she 
was all over it and said she wanted to come too, I was so happy!

 My Dreydan snuggles.

Gorgeous scenery the entire way.

I love her!

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  1. Can I just say you are the strongest woman I know. Your husband is in Japan, your mom is leaving for Afghanistan. How do you do it? Looks like such a fun day!