Sunday, October 14

My Birthday Weekend.

Friday evening I headed to Ogden to stay the night with my in-laws for a night and do a little shopping with Ty's mom and sister! Saturday morning we hit a couple random stores, fabric stores (trudy is making drey a quilt for his bed for christmas) and found some fabric that I loooove, went to Chinese for lunch and then hit the Halloween Food Fest at Rainbow Gardens. YUM! We shouldn't of eaten lunch before we went, that's for damn sure. Tsk, tsk on us!
Later that night Ron & Trudy took me to my favorite Mongolian Grill for dinner. I'm obsessed with MG's. My very first time eating at one I was about 5ish months pregnant with Drey. Best food ever!

Afterwards, Drey & I headed to Sanpete where I spent my birthday! It was a full house with my cousins and their kids, my older brother and his family, mom & Keith.
Sunday was so relaxing and it was THEE most beautiful fall day. I requested homemade chicken chow mein & eggrolls for my birthday dinner, delicious! My mom also made chocolate fudge cupcakes and chocolate fudge cake(complete with 25 candles...ugh)!

I was wined, dined & spoiled to the MAX all weekend by my friends and family. Not to mention my yearly caramel apples that I love oh so much! Such a lucky girl! However, the only thing missing was my hubby love. It's my first birthday, since we met, that we haven't celebrated together :-(((( I do get to talk to him everyday and chit chat about nonsense, which I love! But it just isn't the same as having his flesh and blood at my side, sigh...

 {Getting sung to. I'm so pretty}

{My 'stab cake' face}

Sadly, these were the only pictures I got all weekend.
Deal with it.


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