Friday, June 1

What happens in Vegas..

...STAYS IN VEGAS! duh. 
My friend Paige took her Bachelorette Party to Sin City!

5 of us shoved our luggage in Kim's trunk, piled ourselves
in the car and headed out for the weekend.

We stayed 2 nights at Imperial Palace(a dump but so fun!),
vegged by the pool for hoursss, and walked everywhere.

What I love most about Paige is that she needs nor has NO
plans, ever. She's so chill and will have fun doing pretty much
anything. ...whether she wants to or not ;-)

dinner at Margaritaville!


the group: bowman, kim, paige, gangster, me 


I had SO much fun.
It was relaxing, crazy, funny, tiring, scary, awesome..all jumbled into one weekend.
Next stop... Her wedding!! June 7th is creepin' up fast. 

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