Wednesday, May 16

Pre-Summer Lovin'!

All Dreydan wants to do all day is play outside! The moment he wakes up he's bringing me his shoes and asking, "pe-yay outside!?" So that's what we do. But these past couple of weeks have been SO hot that I've had to limit the amount of time Drey can have in the sun because the poor kid gets so hot and sweaty and quite frankly, that scares the crap out of me. Then I had a brilliant idea... Buy a pool! Duh!
It's nothing fancy but it keeps my baby happy! And needless to say, I'm a little less worried of a freak heat stroke accident...
 {splashing me}

{telling ty he's going to 'thit'} 

{talking to the fishys} 

 {my dreydan}

  {took a tumble but came up like a champ}

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  1. Oh my gosh I should bring jersey over or you guys should come over here, we get jers a pool every year and we never leaves it! They would have so much fun!