Wednesday, June 20


Tyler is going to Japan.
He was invited by the Elecom Kobe Finies to go out & play football for them.
In Japan.
Did I mention this team was in Japan?

The city is Kobe (pronounced koh-bay) and it's in Japan...
I know what you're thinking. Wait? They play football there? Yup. It's a professional American/Japanese league and they have the same rules, same season schedules, same look etc...
It's actually a very cool opportunity and I'm really excited/proud/nervous/anxious/happy for him!

He leaves June 27th.
He'll be going out first, settle in, get the feel for everything, and then Drey & I will follow a little bit later. Hopefully around mid August, give or take a week or so.

Drey & I are going to MISS him so much! I was hoping we wouldn't have to be away from each other EVER. AGAIN. like we were went he went to Georgia. I never get anything I want, do I?
I love him so much. He's my best friend, partner in crime, the whizzle to my whazzle... Sometimes I want to slap that smartass mouth he's got, but he wouldn't the man I fell in love with and married without it.

Mmm mm MMM! 
Can't wait to see that bod in uniform again...ahem


  1. Ty is probably just going because it's a city called Kobe. He would...

  2. What a fun adventure you guys will be on! I am excited! I love the Japanese people! I can teach you a couple of fun phrases in Japanese! Keep us posted. So what does this do to Lake Powell? :}

  3. Tell Coach.Oz we will miss him and I hope he has a great long career. Be safe and thanks for everything he helped us with.
    Love, Panda Gurr.