Sunday, June 17

All about Dreydan

 2 months from today he'll be TWO.
Will someone punch me in the face, please?

Anyways, here's an update of my baby boy!
  • He's in love with "Mayur"(mater) from Cars, "Woolly"(woody) & Buzz from Toy Story, and as always, Mickey Mouse!
  • He's talking SO much. He'll bust out random sentences and I have no clue where they came from. For example, the other morning I told him he needed to finish his breakfast and he responded with "Ok. An' affer ... get keem up ... i'm baff ... I pay ow-side?" The moms will understand that.
  • When we ask him a yes or no question, he'll answer "i did" instead of yes. So cute!
  • He can turn on the TV and start a movie by himself. Not sure if that is a good or bad accomplishment? Ha...
  • He sings the 'A B C's' to me everyday. He struggles with the order in which they go in, but he makes it to the end eventually. Sometimes he'll just skip to the end part, "next time know my B C's!!!"
  • Ty has taught him that it's FUNNY to lick my face. It's not. Drey will stick his tongue out and i'll say "Drey that's yucky! We don't do that..." And he'll laugh and say "funnyyy, funnyyy!" I have to walk away because he can't see me smiling. Even when he's being naughty he's too cute!
  • Every night he has to fall asleep with: his blue football, at least 1 Hot Wheel car or his Mater tow truck, his stuffed lion, puppy, and his blanket. Same goes with nap time.
  • He calls Fruity Pebbles "candy cereal". It's his favorite!
  • I'm very proud of his manners! He says 'please' and 'thank you' at the right times all throughout the day! Even to cashiers at the stores, when I say it, he'll say it too.
  • When we're in the car and i'm chatting on the phone, I can hear him in the backseat mimicking everything I say! I get distracted sometimes and laugh out loud cause he's so weird! And I love it...

{pony ride} 

{being a badass}

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  1. Sure love that little man! I love his little sentences!
    Miss him!