Monday, April 9

Hoppy Easter!

There is just something about Easter that makes the weekend so relaxing and special.
It was especially special this year because Drey was sooo adorable! It's almost just as fun as Christmas... No? Okay.

We were a little late with The Easter Bunny so we had to settle with the one at the grocery store Saturday afternoon... Whoopsie. Drey wasn't so sure about him anyways. He liked the bunny, until the bunny liked him back.

We spent the weekend in Ogden with Tyler's family. Sunday morning we had the egg hunt with the kids. It was Dreydan's FIRST(last year doesn't count)! He found lots of goodies around the yard and was so sweet when putting them in his basket.

My mom always made Easter special for us when I was growing up. She always had for us our own personalized basket with stuff that we love in it and lots of treats from the Easter Bunny! So of course, I have to be the same way. Dreydan woke up to all of his favorite things surrounded by his football basket filled with candy. One. Happy. Baby.

I can't wait to start and keep traditions that my lil' family and me have made. For now, I'll just have to borrow the ones that Tyler & I have done our entire life, but we'll acquire our own soon enough and Drey can have tradition memories he can cherish. I also look forward for Dreydan to learn why we celebrate this holiday... It's more than just chocolate bunnies and colored eggs.

 {he doesn't look impressed does he?}

 {first egg he picked up}

 {he's got his eye on something}

 {checkin' out his finds}

 {love this little face more than anything}

{hailey, drey, zach}

Hope y'all had an awesome EASTER weekend!!
God bless!


  1. He is too cute! Is he big for his age? He is only a month older than Wes but looks so big! He must be in line to be a football player!!

  2. What the? How dare you come to Ogden and not call me? Just kidding, I understand that Easter is a busy weekend so I will let it slide this time but next time you are up this way I better be seeing you for lunch. :)