Tuesday, March 27

All about Dreydan

He's on the down hill slope to being TWO! What!?... 
Here's an update on how incredibly cute & annoying he is
all day, every day.

  • Asks for "appa juice" all day long. 
  • He's grouping more & more words together to make his own little sentences. The other day Tyler was in the shower and I was straightening my hair. Drey comes in and looks up at me, points to the shower and says "daddy?" I said 'Yep he's showering'. He walks over closer to the shower and says "daddy? me? in?" Heart. Melted. Away.
  • Whenever we put our shoes on, Drey will run to the door and stand there, repeating over & over "go go go go go". He's a man on a mission.
  • Tyler's friend, Cody, has been staying with us for a the past couple of weeks and Dreydan adores him. He calls him 'Cocos' and Cody SPOILS. HIM. ROTTEN. He's worse than the Grandmas...
  • I can ask Drey to do me favors and he'll do it! "Throw this away for me?" Done. "Will you go find your sippy for me?" Finds it. "Dreydan go get your shoes, please" Brings 'em out. (sometimes he'll bring out the wrong pair and i'll say 'no, no the black ones'. he'll come back with his black ones.)
  • Speaking of colors, he's learning them so fast! I'll ask him where the 'red, blue, pink, yellow, orange, green, yellow' colors are and he'll point them out, first try. But if I ask him to SAY what the colors are, he'll only say 'blue'. Ha, whatever.
  • Counting is a challenge. He'll go from 2 to 6 back to 2. "un, two, sixth, two, two!" Okay, close enough.
  • He still will not stop climbing EVERYTHING. It's so annoying.
  • His food habits are a nightmare. One word: CHIPS. ugh..!! It's frustrating. I don't wanna talk about it.

{sunday at grandmas}

{his new look. we're very proud}

{climbing higher & higher}

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