Monday, March 19

What's making my life good right now.

  1. Having Tyler home! Life is so much easier with your best friend around...
  2. Movies all day, everyday. 
  3. Asking Dreydan to do something and he does it. ie: Picking up his toys before bedtime.
  4. Luxeffects nail polish by Essie.
  5. Lemi-Shine dishwasher soap. My dad has super hard water and won't get a softener for it. He's a dude, they could care less. Found this special soap specially made for hard water and it's AMAZING. lovelovelove.
  6. Double chocolate chip gelato I found at Harmons. Drooling...
  7. My slipper-boots (they're slippers, but boot style). Got them from my mom at Christmas but they are so warm I couldn't wear them very much. My dad has tile everywhere in his house and it's so cold in the I slip those on and my feet stay toasty!
  8. Chelsea Handler. 
  9. My UH-MAZING tuna melts that I make myself for lunch pretty much everyday. My secret? Pepper Jack cheese.
Overall, I just love life right now. 
Especially with this lil' trouble maker...


  1. Tuna melts will never be the same after our crazy lake powell addiction of pepper jack cheese! Thats how i make them too!