Saturday, January 28

What's making my life good right now.

  1. Skype!
  2. Chocolate chip Eggo waffles. I eat them every morning.
  3. Arizona weather, so far! It's a perfect 70 degrees.
  4. Tyler's comfy clothes I wear/sleep in pretty much everyday and night.
  5. Chick-fil-a's chicken salad sandwiches. 
  6. As always, my Kindle! If you love reading, get one. You won't regret it.
  7. My "good morning beautiful" texts I wake up to. Miss you lover!
  8. Dreydan's sweet, sweet voice.
  9. Texts from my friend, Whitney, telling me her bottle of wine is gone and she's "Floppy"... Haha
  10. Teen Mom 2. I hate to love them. Except Jenelle, I hate that white trash *&%$%&, terrible mother @$^*%!!. And does it bug anyone else that Cory is a mouth breather?


  1. hahah OH MY GOSH! I was so totally floppy. I'm calming down. I tried sending a P pic but it didn't work out. and yes... Jenelle disgusts me and Cory's breathing is killin me. Maybe that's why they got divorced? ha

  2. I hate to love teen mom 2 as well. And i totally agree about Cory and Jenelle. When does Tyler come back home? Hang in there Emily! Totally jealous of the AZ weather, cant wait til we move to St. George in 2 weeks to get the warmer weather too!